Association Navigator | BULGARIA

Association "NAVIGATOR", Pazardzhik was founded on 20.03.2012 as a non-profit organization for public benefit. The core idea of the organization is to promote voluntary initiatives at the local, regional and national level and work to support the development and implementation of the European dimension in Bulgaria.

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YouNet | ITALY
YouNet is a NGO based in Bologna aimed to foster intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. Every year YouNet involves about 1500 people in learning mobility opportunities around the world, funded by European programs. 

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Asociacion Mundus | SPAIN
Asociación Mundus focuses on mobility projects: internship, volunteering, youth exchange, vocational education. Our main aim is to support social inclusion by providing mobility opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities and help them in directing their lives and future careers. 

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Solidarites Jeunesses | FRANCE
Solidarités Jeunesses is a french youth, non-formal education and community development association. It organises short and long-term international workcamps, actions of social integration, training activities, international solidarity actions and runs small community centres in rural environments. 

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Rural Centre for Human Interests | INDIA

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Volunteers Initiative Nepal | NEPAL

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Volunteer Spirit Association | THAILAND
Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) is a Informal Education Organization / Non Profit Organization (NPO) / Non-Government Organization (NGO) / Social Enterprise /  Peace organization collaborating international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds. Workcamp and International Voluntary activities is the Non-Formal learning. Our work is based on the belief that, by learning, sharing, understanding and reducing conflicts, we can achieve our final goal of PEACE.

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New project Kick-off...

08 November 2017

The kick-off meeting of the project Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating for Sustainable Development Goals / LACE for SDGs / was successfully completed in Bologna, Italy on the 02th and...

Open innovation comp...

08 November 2017

Open innovation competition grants is one of the main paths comprising the project Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating for Sustainable Development Goals / LACE for SDGs /. Calls for local...

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